Pet Relocation

Mobivet Sdn Bhd is our affiliate company with over 30 years of experience in the transportation.

To ensure maximum safety and comfort for your pet, Mobivet will arrange for the quickest and most direct route for the transportation. Services can be tailor made to meet your specific needs and accommodate any special requirements you may have.

Domestic & International Transport

We provide door-to-door transportation in vehicles that are designed to swiftly transport pets and livestock to local and international destinations. Emphasis is placed on your pet’s welfare and comfort by making sure of transportation kennels that are spacious.

Mobivet will handle all flight arrangements for interstate and international transportation and ensure they are the most direct available and suitable for your requirements.

Over the years, our unique service has become indispensable to our traveling clients and their lovable pets. We remove the hassle from travel while our veterinarians ensure that your pet in transit is safe and comfortable. We offer a complete service, covering every aspect of your pet’s journey abroad.

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1,451 Replies to “Pet Relocation”

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