Advanced Referral Eye Services

Welcome to AMC – Eye Specialist Consultancy

You will find conscientious veterinary eye care for your pet by South African board-certified veterinary ophthalmologists at Animal Medical Centre, Kuala Lumpur. Our consultant ophthalmologists have more than 20 years of combined experience in all aspects of veterinary ophthalmology, from examination to diagnostics and advanced microsurgery.  We can provide a complete and professional eye care for your dog, cat, rabbit, bird, horse and a wide variety of wildlife species.

Ophthalmology Case Photos

Services Include

  • Complete ophthalmic examination, diagnostic evaluation, and treatment planning
  • A full range of surgery, including eyelid surgery, corneal microsurgery, and lens/cataract surgery
  • Medical and/or surgical treatment for entropion, cherry eye, tumors,corneal ulcers, dry eye, glaucoma, uveitis, cataracts, retinal disease, blindness, and more
  • Comprehensive follow-up medical and post-surgical care
  • Canine genetic screening (CERF) eye examinations
  • Informative communication with owners – to keep you involved with your pet’s eye care
  • Rapid communication with referring veterinarians, for specialist care that coordinates with that of your general veterinary practitioner
  • Friendly and professional service

Animal Eyes

  • Hamster

  • Fish

  • Iguana

  • Cat

  • Dog

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