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Land Snakes of Medical Significance in Malaysia

Land Snakes of Medical Significance in Malaysia published by Forest Research Institute Malaysia (FRIM). It is intended as a guide for healthcare providers, and the general public permitting them to identify and manage potential snake-related injuries. The purpose of this book is also to increase awareness of the beauty and diversity of a critical component [...]

Land Snakes of Medical Significance in Malaysia2022-10-21T18:32:52+08:00

Feline Birth

Non-pedigree or moggie cats are usually very fertile and give birth with very few problems but there are occasions where complications do occur. The queen (mother cat) has multiple oestrous cycle (able to have kittens) mainly from February to September. Female cats usually exhibit their first oestrus cycle between 6 to 12 months of age. [...]

Feline Birth2022-04-20T09:43:31+08:00

FAQ on Rabbit

What are rabbits like? Small, cute-and-cuddly, fragile and pretty quick to dash here and there but in no comparison to cats and dogs. Rabbits are strictly indoors in Malaysia. They are social animals that require companionship of humans or other animals. Many rabbits can get along with cats and dogs if properly introduced and supervised [...]

FAQ on Rabbit2022-04-20T09:44:55+08:00

Give Kitty a Second Chance of Life

“A cat has absolute emotional honesty: human beings, for one reason or another, may hide their feelings, but a cat does not” – Ernest Hemingway.A cat is not a toy and requires time and attention no doubt not as much compared to dogs so it’s important to research thoroughly. It is a commitment for the [...]

Give Kitty a Second Chance of Life2021-11-03T09:45:01+08:00
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