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Joint Problems in Dogs

Joints take a huge impact from running, jumping and basically any form of physical movement and for some dogs, it is a problem. There are two causes which are developmental and degenerative problems. Developmental meaning developing over time like hip dysplasia where the joints do not develop correctly in a number of different ways. Degenerative [...]

Joint Problems in Dogs2021-11-01T18:19:45+08:00

Exercising Kitty

Cats are natural hunters so a lot of running and chasing is done outdoors and have the opportunity of lazing in the sun but with this pandemic many cats are now indoors. Being indoors keeps kitty safe too and to maintain their mind and body stimulation exercise regime let’s check out ... Read More

Exercising Kitty2021-09-23T14:56:21+08:00

What is a Gastropexy

What is a Gastropexy by Dr. T. A. Nathan BVSc & AH, PG Dip (Ortho)Senior Veterinary Surgeon, Animal Medical Centre A gastropexy is a surgical procedure designed to permanently adhere the stomach to the body wall that is sometimes performed in large breed dogs to prevent gastric dilatation and volvulus (GDV), also known as bloat. [...]

What is a Gastropexy2021-09-14T13:19:46+08:00

The Importance of Dental Care in Dogs

Vaccination for Pets By Dr. Purshyla Manikam, DVMVeterinary SurgeonOne of the most common complaints by dog owners is their pet’s bad breath. Although bad breath may seem fairly harmless, it is typically a symptom of more severe dental disease occurring in your dog's mouth. Periodontal disease is one of the most common diseases in dogs. [...]

The Importance of Dental Care in Dogs2021-09-14T13:18:29+08:00
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