Why see a specialist in Dermatology?

Experienced veterinary dermatologists are trained to recognise subtle variations in skin conditions and diseases that are often misinterpreted. They will pursue the most direct and cost effective diagnostic workup and treatment.  We test care and rehabilitate the skin, glands and follicles using new approached in derma care. We try to minimise a pet’s dependence on oral medication and limit its use in necessary cases only.

We are careful in antibiotic selection and are a firm supporter of the global fight against antibiotic abuse and resistance. This is our promise!

What we need to know about the dermatology clinic at AMC?

  • Prior to arrival at your first visit, please fill out the online Client Information and History Form.
  • All cases are seen by APPOINTMENT ONLY. Your timely arrival will help the veterinary dermatologist remain on schedule, thus limiting your time and other client’s time in our office.
  • It is best if you avoid grooming your pet and administering antihistamines and/or steroids before your first visit to our office. Please discuss a safe withdrawal protocol with your pet’s family veterinarian or our office staff. If withdrawal from these medications is not possible due to severe reactions, do not worry, the veterinary dermatologist can discuss options during your first visit.
  • The veterinary dermatologist will review medical records provided by your pet’s family veterinarian and historical information regarding your perceptions of the dermatologic problem. He/she will perform a thorough examination and basic diagnostics so that therapy can be instituted. If necessary, the doctor will recommend advanced diagnostics.

How do you prepare for an appointment?

Consultation hours are 9.30 am – 12.00 pm. Monday through Saturday and are by appointment only.

Please bring along all of your pet’s pertinent medical records, such as tests results and medications used in the last few years, if available.

Do not bathe your pet prior to your visit. Certain medications such as antihistamines, tranquilizers, or steroids may interfere with some tests such as intradermal allergy testing. It’s best if you check with this office about discontinuing certain medications which might interfere with tests prior to consultation.

If you find it necessary to cancel your appointment, 24-hour notice is appreciated.

Lastly, please do not feed your pet the morning of the appointment in case blood work or sedation is needed.