Medivet Laboratory Services is a multi-disciplinary veterinary diagnostic laboratory. We provide hospital diagnostic services to veterinarians and clients in Kuala Lumpur and the surrounding areas since 1990. We can guarantee quick and accurate blood, urine and cytology reports within 6 working hours.

Our lab technicians have a combined 12 years’ experience in laboratory services, with expertise in cytology and stem cell applications.

Laboratory tests are essential to your pet’s health. Equipment used in veterinary laboratory testing are specific to the animal blood samples. Species variances in blood and normal parameters requires accurate measurement using veterinary specific laboratory equipment. This is an objective way for your veterinarian to determine the health state of your pet. The work done by the laboratory staff and veterinarians at Medivet Laboratory Services enables you and your veterinarian to diagnose and treat your pets’ medical condition timely and accurately.

The services include

  • Haematology, point of care and manual counting
  • Biochemistry
  • Cytology
  • Swab Culture and Antibiograms
  • Stem cell applications
  • Blood crossmatching
  • Frequently asked questions :

How does a veterinary clinic send a sample?

Once you have contacted our laboratory staff, they will email our lab submission forms. The forms will need to be completed to avoid any misinformation for each sample sent. We recommend that all blood samples are drawn with a minimum of a 22-gauge needle to avoid sample haemolysis.

How would I get a report?

A report is drafted within 6 working hours pf receiving the sample. We will email a copy to your clinic . Please ensure the correct email, address and phone details are forwarded to us.

What are the payment terms?

Payments need to be made on service, hence, once an invoice is sent to you. You will need to make payment online. Report will be sent to you once the payments are verified.


For all patients at all the PSCs which can be pre-booked at least a day in advance. To go to the Appointment Service page, click here.

Standing Order Service

For patients who require blood work on a regular basis. This service enables patients to drop into any PSC where their lab work requests are on file electronically thereby avoiding the need to visit their physician each time to obtain a requisition. Physicians determine if the patient meets the standing order criteria and will indicate on the requisition. To find out if you fit within the guidelines, contact your physician directly for further information.

At the time a walk-in patient is called to the desk by number they can request to be called by their first name only or by an alternate name. Reception staff will then attach a note to the requisition requesting that the patient be called into the phlebotomy room by the requested name.

When booking an appointment on-line patients can create their account by providing only their first name and last initial, or registering with an alternate name. Reception staff will confirm with the patient the name they prefer to be called by and will attach a note to the requisition requesting that the patient be called into the phlebotomy room by the requested name.



Employment related testing, tests required as part of an Occupational Health Program, or tests for participation in any clinical trial or study are not covered by the Alberta Provincial Insurance Plan. Fees for the testing and transport of these specimens must be paid for by the patient or other third party. We accept Visa, MasterCard, and debit cards. Cash is not accepted. There is no cash on premises.