Only the Best for the Ones You love

The Pet Lodge was opened in 1995 and became the first indoor Pet Hotel in Malaysia, by incorporating in its spacious designs, 27 comfort kennels, with its specialised  non slip flooring and the first pet-friendly negative flow ventilation system, well ahead of its time. Our priority, to ensure your pets are boarded in a comfortable, clean and sanitised environment. This well equipped facility, certified pet handlers and nurses are prepared to handle healthy and special need pets. Even today, this remains one of the few facilities in Malaysia with this design .

The Pet Lodge is registered and a member of  Pet Care Services internationally.


We aim to ensure optimal physical and mental well-being of our boarders by providing them with a secure environment enhanced through application of professional and scientifically based animal management.

Our Services

Special Needs

We  provide special attention and care  to meet your pet’s requirements and needs. Our trained and certified petcare professionals  will ensure that your pets are monitored during the period of stay .We understand that each animal requires individual attention  for example , anxious ,  geriatric pets , diabetics may suffer from anxiety and discomfort and the personalised attention and care will help them feel better .We would like to urge clients to inform us of the particular needs their pets may require.

Bathing & Grooming

All pets are treated and taken care of like our own, hence we only “trusted and tested” shampoos, condtioners and accesories during their bathing and grooming . We understand the importance of a healthy skin and coat for the wellbeing  of your pet. Pets are given a bath once a week, unless their owners request differently. We sanitise our grooming instruments / devices regularly .  We have a well equipped facility with well trained staff to groom and pamper your pets while you are away.

We have taken into account the sensitivity of pets to loud noises and so being  , our dryers are designed for low noise emissions, to reduce stress during grooming and drying .

We emphasize on the highest standards of pet welfare, safety and comfort, while maintaining levels of hygiene in a tranquil surrounding.

Exercise & Play

All pets boarded at this facility are given time to play and exercise. The dogs are taken for walks at our garden daily and the cats have a designated play area. . Our trained and certified petcare professionals  will ensure that your pet gets the attention  and physical stimulation during boarding .

Booking Procedure

In order to ensure that you have suitable accommodation available for your pet, we would advice that you make prior bookings. Bookings can be made by telephone, fax, e-mail or in person. You are advised to make holiday bookings well in advance to avoid last minute disappointment.


We are able to feed your pets premium quality nutrients to meet based on their age and health metabolic requirements. Our Vet on-duty will ensure the right food is chosen for your pets. We are able to meet special medical requirements in the diet with the complete range of Hills Prescription Diets available.