What you need to know about Spaying/Neutering your pet

While spaying/neutering a pet is a routine procedure, it is still a surgery and special care and attention must be given to ensure the patient is healthy and no complications occur during the procedure. At Animal Medical Centre, the spaying/neutering procedure involves the following:

  1. Basic blood count to ensure your pet is safe for anesthesia
  2. Induction anesthesia
  3. Continuous gaseous anesthesia
  4. Patient monitoring, 24 hours
  5. Pain Management
  6. Antibiotics
  7. Non-Absorbable suture (To close skin. Suture will be removed 10 days after surgery)
  8. E-Collar (A protective collar worn by pets to prevent biting and licking of wounds to ensure a speedy healing process

We advise owners to ensure their pets have the 3 booster vaccines in the first year before any surgery is performed.